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XYZ Products, Inc. was formed in late 1996 after its founders, Bill and Julie Davis, discovered that their products were becoming ever increasingly popular. Starting from their home office in Boston, XYZ first supplied their products to local shops, schools, and community charity organizations. Demand soon outstripped supply.
Now, XYZ sell products to shops and businesses all over the world. XYZ uses the Internet for 90% of their incoming orders, making XYZ a truly online company.}
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A recent survey by the NPA (National Product Association) found that XYZ's products were the best quality in the world.
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A recent survey by the NPA (National Product Association) found that XYZ's products were the best quality in the world.
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OPALS ON ICE by bernadette
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Fashions created not only for your body...but for "YOUR SPIRIT & SOUL" !!!
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